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Don't Forget About The Human Cost Of Making The iPad 3

Don't Forget About The Human Cost Of Making The iPad 3

On the very eve of the Apple big media event, when the anticipation for the third generation iPad is at its peak, NY Daily News does a good job reminding us how high the human cost is of these shiny new devices.

Information about the working conditions of the staff in Chinese factories has unimpressed the world in the past months, and made Apple fans write petitions urging for a more ethically made iPhone and iPad.

As the media repeatedly reported, the working conditions in Foxconn factories are defying both Chinese and US laws.

Chinese workers are standing by the benches for 14 to 18 hour shifts, assembling iPhones and iPads, risking poisoning and injuries.

In addition to the slave like conditions, Foxconn facilities are sometimes death traps, as recent accidents revealed. "The explosion in an iPad factory in Chengdu that The New York Times reported in January would not have occurred except that workers were inside a building that wasn't finished being built, even as they frantically assembled iPads," writes Mike Daisey.

In a PR effort, Tim Cook urged authorities to investigate the conditions in the Foxconn facilities. However, no real actions have been taken so far and the Cupertino based company doesn't miss any occasion to put pressure on suppliers, in order to produce more devices.

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