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Facebook Goes Down In Parts Of Europe

Social networking giant Facebook went down in certain parts of Europe this morning, thanks to what is being described by the site's spokespeople as "technical difficulties."

Facebook is well known for changing the face of social interaction online, as well as the way data is handled by web based communities through its server innovations and storage solutions. Technical difficulties is not a phrase you often hear connected with the site, but it looks like that was the case this morning.

"Today we experienced technical difficulties causing the site to be unavailable for a number of users in Europe," Facebook said. "The issue has been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Of course it wasn't down for long, a couple of hours at most if you judge it by the Twitter comments using #FBdown, though some are suggesting that almost half of the site's 800 million+ users were affected during the outage.

One common thread of thought though is that productivity must have taken a surge since people couldn't keep checking the status updates of online friends. If anyone has a way to test this theory, I'd love to hear it.

Source: Reuters

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