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iPad 3 / iPad HD To Come With A5X, Not A6

One more unnamed source has confirmed to a popular tech news website - the Verge - that there will be no Apple A6 system on chip in the iPad 3 (or iPad HD) and that instead, Apple will use a variant of the A5 named the A5X.

The later is expected to be a more powerful vesion of the A5X. The A5 is clocked between 800MHz and 1GHz and is based on the Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU with a dual core Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU.

The part is said to be built using a 45nm manufacturing process and comes with 1MB cache and 512DDR2 RAM.

One immediate improvement Apple can do is increase the clock speed of the processor while moving to an even finer node (32nm, 22nm). This will decrease the die size while allowing Apple to place more RAM in the PoP (package on package), without increasing the physical area of the package itself.

The other improvement will be with regards to the GPU. Because of Apple's very close ties with PowerVR (it owns nearly nine per cent of the company), we expect the A5X to be the first SoC to come with Rogue (PowerVR6) which will be fast enough to power the three or four million pixels the new screen of the device is expected to have.

Failing that, we wouldn't be surprised to see the SGX554, the fastest core in the Series 5XT to appear in the A5X. has a live blog of the event from London, covering the pre-iPad 3 buzz happening in the hours prior to the launch, rumours and the launch itself on Wednesday 7th. We suggest that you follow and bookmark this real-time live blog thread.

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