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iPad 3 / iPad HD Launch : 3 Things We Expect From Apple

Only 15 more minutes to go before the launch of the iPad 3 or the iPad HD and we did poll in the office amongst ourselves to find out what to expect in Apple's new tablet.

We all seem to agree that the new tablet will come with a higher resolution. Anything less will be a huge disappointment especially since (a) rumours of a higher solution screen have been going on for more than one year now and (b) the competition - Acer, Asus - has already pushed out full HD screens. We would like to see a 2,580 by 1,920 pixels screen (that's nearly five megapixel) but we would almost certainly get a 2,048 by 1,536 pixels (3.15 megapixel). That's four time more pixels than the iPad 2 or iPad.

The flipside of having more pixels is that you will need a more powerful graphics subsystem. The Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX543 MP2 might not be powerful enough to drive the 3.2 megapixel screen which means that Apple might either have to increase the number of cores (to eight) or swap the cores for something more beefier like the SGX554 or the Series 6 Rogue.

A new GPU almost certainly means a new CPU as well; three options are currently available. Either a faster version of the current A5 which is clocked at up to 1GHz OR having four cores rather than the current two OR getting the new Cortex A15 rather than the current A9. We believe the first one is the most likely to happen; in any case, Apple will opt for a finer manufacturing process, 32nm or 22nm rather than 45nm.

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