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iPad 3 Shipments From China Overwhelm Airfreight Companies

Ahead of Apple's big iPad 3 big event, shipments from China have increased by 20 per cent - in just one week.

The analysts, from the local media outlets, noticed that the third generation iPad is heading from the manufacturers plants to the US. This suggests that very soon after the unveiling, the device will be available to customers.

If Apple is going to reiterate the same fast roll out strategy that we saw after the release of iPhone 4S, then iPad 3 will hit the shelves in just two weeks.

According to a hot MacRumors report, other companies that have tried to ship products from China to US have had hard time finding available companies able to make international deliveries.

AppleInsider also confirms the information, with increased air cargo rates and has pointed out that DHL has lifted prices, due to "capacity constraints."

In addition, anonymous sources suggest that Apple is cramming the airfreight companies with another product, aside from the third generation iPad.

The mysterious Apple SKU (MC744LL/A) could find its way to the US market, where analysts suggest that it could be the long rumoured Apple TV.

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