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Orange Launches Home Broadband With Bundled Mobile Minutes

Orange, which is now one half of Everything Everywhere, has unveiled a new broadband package aimed at the consumer market that includes free calls to mobiles, which it claims is a first in the UK.

The mobile phone operator says that the plan, known as Orange Broadband and Anytime Mobile Calls, will be available from today and will costs £20 a month with a £13.50 line rental; in other words, a TCO of £402 over a year.

The bundle includes unlimited broadband, 500 minutes any time any network, calls to UK and selected international landlines.

In addition, Orange customers will be given a £5 monthly discount on the package and those signing up by the end of the month will be have their allowance doubled for the duration of their contract.

Whether the deal is worth the trouble remains to be seen. for a start, landlines are being rapidly made obsolete as the cost of mobile contracts continues to fall. Then there's the fact that most of mankind's modern communication channels rely on data rather than voice.

Which means that it is probably more cost effective to shop around and get a separate or better mobile phone contract plus a decent broadband package.

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