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Samsung Launches Teeny Tiny Galaxy Handset

The age-old adage of 'bigger is better' may be the mantra adopted by many a business, but in the case of Samsung, being small is the next 'big' thing.

For Samsung, it seems that there's literally no problem too small - as their next impressive offering is the microscopic Galaxy Pocket. With the screen measuring in at just 2.8 inches, Samsung's pocket rocket makes a nice change from the wider and heavier models gracing the current smartphone trend. However, the Pocket only features a limited number of resources.

Powered by an 832MHz processor, the mobile device holds 3GB of storage, and features a QVGA LCD screen, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity in addition to a 3MP fixed focus camera. Considering its dainty size, the Pocket definitely packs a punch with a built-in FM radio and microSDcard slot.

The Galaxy Pocket will be available in the UK later on this year. Despite no mention of a price tag, we expect it to be on the lower-end of the cost scale, as one of Android's more budget-friendly phones.

Whilst it's up to the public how well-received this tiny competitor will prove to be, it will be interesting to see whether other companies will copy Samsung's tactic and bring out their own compact variants.

Pit it against the other smartphone heavyweights however, and it may fall 'short'.

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