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Three Ends Out Of Bundle Data Charges

UK mobile operator Three has rejigged its mobile contract offers in three separate tiers, Essential, Ultimate and The One Plan which will live alongside rather than replace the existing Text and Talk plans.

What makes Three stand out though is the fact that it will not longer charge users for out-of-bundle data although the deal is limited to new contracts only and customers will have to choose between switching to a bigger data allowance or stopping downloading content until the next monthly cycle starts.

All the new contracts come with 5000 texts by default; the Essential tariffs carry 250MB data while the Ultimate and One Plan tariffs come with "all you can eat data". Note that only the One Plan tariff allows tethering; otherwise you will have to pay £5 per GB of tethered data.

Essential tariffs come with 100, 300 and 500 minutes with Ultimate adding another tier, 1000 minutes. The One Plan still proposes 2000 minutes plus 5000 three-to-three minutes. All of Three tariffs still come with unlimited Skype and unlimited Windows Live Messenger.

Three is not the first mobile phone operator to can out of bundle data charges; T-Mobile is known for not charging customers if they go over their data limit; instead T-Mobile restricts the type of content one can browse.

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