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Laptops With Ultrabook Features Coming Within Months?

The delay of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors as well as the prohibitive bill of materials associated with Intel's ultrabook blueprint is forcing some Taiwanese manufacturers to review their plans.

Aaron Lee and Adam Hwang from Digitimes report that some ODMs are considering launching laptops with ultrabook form factor but costing around $600 as early as next quarter according to unnamed sources.

Ultrabooks' retail prices are often well above the $1000 mark, driven by the price of the metal chassis, expensive hollow hinges, the use of Intel's premium chipsets and solid state drives as well.

However, given that some major players like Acer have already committed to a $499 Ultrabook by next year, it is likely that other component partners like AMD, Qualcomm, Nvidia or Samsung will offer alternative designs to Intel's own in order to bring down the BoM and retail price.

Although the first models are expected to appear within the next few weeks, we suspect that this will be a trickle; the bulk of these Ultrabook clones are likely to come with the launch of Windows 8 and Windows for ARM scheduled for later this year.

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