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Late News: Sony Xperia S, Nintendo 3DS Sells 4.5 Million Units, Nvidia Joins Linux Foundation, iPad 2 Price Cuts

The first Sony branded smartphone carries an exclusive yet elegant look, but with some deceptive features. One of the first things to notice about the austere design of this fresh, salubrious Xperia model is its neat translucent strip - believed by many, to be a form of indicator. We now all realise there are no physical buttons along this strip, but instead access to a poorly-responsive, barely touch sensitive bar, highlighting the familiar Sony symbols that we have come to know.

Happy Birthday Nintendo 3DS! Quick, make a wish! Wait, you wished to sell 4.5 millions units within a year of your launch? Well wish again - as that dream has come true. One year since its US launch, and it certainly has a lot to celebrate - listing the title of 'gaining a total sale of over 4 millions 3DS units' up there in its lifetime achievement awards within...well, one year.

Spotify is one of the web's most successful stories, starting out as a music streaming facility followed by its app service - and now, is hoping to take that success further as an operating system of music. Just last November the Swedish organisation launched its app service, partnering with third-parties such as Billboard,, Rolling Stone and Songkick to offer users access to lyrics, gig listings, reviews as well as many other musical incentives for its hardcore fans.

The good news is that the Linux Foundation will consist of four key players - Fluendo, Lineo Solutions, Mocana and a Santa Clara based global tech company. The great news is that the Santa Clara member is none other than NVIDIA. Circulating the online news wire are the reports of NVIDIA joining non-profit organisation, the Linux Foundation.

Apple has dropped the price of the iPad 2 to a mere £329 and unlike what it did to the iPhone 4 during a similar process, it did not change the specs (Apple halved the onboard storage of the new iPhone 4 to 8GB). The price drop is significant; £70 represents 17.5 per cent of the original price and is essentially the VAT free cost of the cheapest iPad 2.