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Microsoft Settles Dispute With Uniloc Over Trial Software

Microsoft has finally reached an agreement with computer security and copy protection software company Uniloc and pay an undisclosed sum for patent infringement, Bloomberg reported.

The dispute started eight years ago when Ric Richardson, Australian inventor and co-founder of Uniloc, sued Microsoft over a patent for software activation technology. Richardson invented the technology used in many software package, which allows the user test a free trial application and then authenticates it when purchasing a license.

Uniloc's co-founder claims that he presented the idea to Microsoft and after showing interest and then rejecting it, the Redmond-based company copied it.

The technology in case is Clearinghouse and can be found inside products like Windows XP, Office XP, Office 2003 and also in Windows Server 2003. Taking in account that some of these products are widely in used at this moment, Clearinghouse is still widely spread.

Several other software companies including Symantec Corp and Adobe Systems Inc. have been legally pursued in the past. Actually, Adobe has also reached to a common agreement like Microsoft.

Considering the fact that Uniloc filed an appeal in 2009 after having to return $388 million to Microsoft, the "undisclosed" sum Microsoft paid Uniloc is likely to be in the region of $500 million and was agreed on before the appeal running under the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island court concluded.

Source : Bloomberg

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