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New iPad May Push Demand For Tablet Beyond Desktops By 2013

The global demand for tablet computers will rise to around 130 million units by 2013 according to sources within the Taiwan-based supply chain ecosystem.

Monica Chen writes in Digitimes that by then, the number of tablets sold could potentially exceed that of desktop computers.

The report highlights the fact that there will be more tablet hybrids coming in 2013, many of them with functions similar to that found on a traditional computer and may therefore experience the exponential rise as smartphones.

2011 global tablet PC shipments hit 60 million units with Apple's iPad tablets accounting for 40 million units. Tablets shipments in 2012 are expected to reach up to 95 million units with Apple's newly released new iPad and iPad 2 tablets accounting for the lionshare of the market.

2013 is also the year when the OEM/ODM friendly Windows on ARM is likely to hit the tablet market in full force with a slew of design wins expected to flood the market.

The similarities between Windows on ARM and Windows 8 means that the transition between the two ecosystems will be easier therefore perhaps accelerating the demise of traditional x86-based desktops.

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