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iPad 3 vs iPad 2: 5 massive differences

Apple confirmed yesterday during its press event that it would keep the iPad 2 alongside the "new iPad", or iPad 3, pushing it down, as it did for the iPhone 4 when the iPhone 4S launched. There are five big differences between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3, all of which when considered together make for a compelling argument for the new iPad.

The screen for a start is the main selling point of the tablet. Apple crammed four times more pixels on the same surface area delivering what it calls a "retina display" experience albeit for tablets rather than smartphones. At 2,048 by 1,536 pixels, it sports by far the highest definition screen of any mobile device on the market.

Having to deliver four times more pixels means that Apple had to opt for a more powerful graphics processing subsystem and it did so by doubling the amount of cores for the GPU, from two to four. Apple has yet to confirm whether it stuck with the PowerVR SGX543 core on the iPad 2 or whether it went for something beefier.

Apple also swapped the sub-standard camera on the iPad 2 for one that can finally rival those on smartphones including the iPhone 4. The five-megapixel iSight camera includes the same improvements - such as 1080p video recording - as on the iPhone 4S with a lower pixel count.

Another significant feature added to the new iPad is the fact that it now comes with 4G LTE connectivity but with some limitations like the fact that 4G has yet to take off in the UK and that compatibility is still an important issue.

The fifth difference is pricing; that of the iPad 2 has been slashed by £70 to £329 while the new iPad costs the same as the old one, £399.

You can read through our liveblog of the event, one which lasted nearly 90 minutes and also saw the launch of a new Apple TV and the iPhoto App plus a number of major updates.