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Spotify Aims To Become OS Of Music

Spotify is one of the web's most successful stories, starting out as a music streaming facility followed by its app service - and now, is hoping to take that success further as an operating system of music.

Just last November the Swedish organisation launched its app service, partnering with third-parties such as Billboard,, Rolling Stone and Songkick to offer users access to lyrics, gig listings, reviews as well as many other musical incentives for its hardcore fans.

"We have to turn ourselves into the OS of music," explained Spotify director of platform Sten Garmark, as reported by The Guardian. "We are in the middle of a transformation from being an app ourselves to being a platform."

Apparently, subscribers create 3.5 million playlists per week using the Moodagent application, syncing the lyrics of an incredible 100,000 songs via TuneWiki - and users have so far listened to over 15 million sounds thanks to the SoundDrop app.

"Everyone has their individual idea for what Spotify should do next, which is why we love music apps," said Garmark."They are important so we can cater to all those needs. And since people are asking us to provide these features, when we do, music will be more valuable to them. They will be more likely to pay, and that makes more money for artists."

Could this revolutionise the way music is utilised via the big bad web? We'll remain tight-lipped for now.

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