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Amazon Shift Focus From eBooks To Kindle Fire 2

Amazon's online marketplace has decided that it's out with the old eBooks, and in with the new Kindle Fire 2.

Reports have surfaced that Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 will be available in two versions upon its launch later this year, giving consumers the choice of either 7 inches or a meatier 10 inch screen variation.

It looks as though Amazon is looking to shift their priorities away from eBook readers to the more profitable market of tablet consumption, and try their luck with their bigger and better Kindle device. This is thanks to the very healthy sales of their first Kindle Fire, where the online retailer has witnessed the sale of over 3.98 million units in the last Q4 of 2011 - amounting to a not-too-shabby 14 per cent share of the world's tablet market.

Certain rumours have alleged that the online retailer has minimised its E ink orders, leading many to believe that Amazon will be concentrating their efforts on promoting their Kindle Fire 2 tablet. Operating on a heavily adapted version of Android, we'll just have to see what happens in the latter half of this year - when the Kindle Fire 2 is rumoured to make its presence known.


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