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Crucial debuts Adrenaline cache hardware to speed up HDD systems

Crucial has debuted a new Solid State Disk (SSD) upgrade system, known as Adrenaline, designed to be attached to an already fully built and running hard drive based PC.

The entire Adrenaline package comprises a 50GB Crucial M4 SSD, a 3.5-inch adapter bracket, SATA cable and Dataplex caching software. According to the release, it works by copying the most commonly used files from any system and placing them on the SSD; for quick access; essentially caching the most often-accessed data.

While this doesn't improve performance as much as upgrading your system to boot off an SSD, Crucial doesn't make any claims of beating that. According to official numbers, while data access times can be improved by up to eight times, in synthetic testing with PCMark Vantage, the Adrenaline solution was able to provide an excellent middle point between HDD and SSD performance.

While the price isn't the most reasonable at just under £90 - you are buying a small SSD after all - it does provide a very simple upgrade option, for anyone that doesn't fancy reformatting their PC, just to reinstall everything on a new solid state storage option.

This is the real selling point for Crucial, which is saying that all you need do is connect the SSD to your motherboard, start the PC up and install the Dataplex software. From there everything is automatic.

There are a few requirements, but they're very basic: Windows 7 operating system, an empty drive bay (though technically you could work around this one), an unused SATA port and a spare SATA power connector.

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