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Epic Games' Mark Rein warns Apple could overtake consoles

Head of Epic Games, Mark Rein, has said during a talk at Games Developer Conference (GDC) that he feels console makers need to pull their finger out with the next generation, or Apple could easily overtake them.

It smacks more of a goading warning than any sort of tangible threat, since Hardcore gamers are unlikely to move over from their Xbox to pick up a third generation iPad, no matter how pretty its new display is - but it's a good notification to Microsoft and Sony, to not sit on their laurels.

"If you don't stretch just far enough, you don't just have enough of a difference to make people want to take the leap with you," he said. However, he assured the interviewer at Computer and Video Games that his company was making sure the console makers were gunning hard for visual and technical improvements.

"That's why we did [the] Samaritan [demo] and why we're doing a really high-end demo in the room here. We really are pushing these guys, because if they don't, Apple will go right past them."

The Samaritan demo was only built on a modded Unreal Engine 3.5. The gaming public at large is incredibly excited to see what comes of Unreal Engine 4.0 - only the lucky attendees of GDC have, so far, had a glimpse.

Epic has a history of encouraging console makers to improve their next generation. It was the reason Microsoft added another 512MB of RAM to the Xbox 360 during development, after it was shown a Gears of War demo.

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