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Game Is Circling The Drain - Begins Last Ditch Sale

Long standing video game retail outlet GAME is in its death throes with staff being told to expect administrators to be called in within a fortnight if revenue can't be drastically improved.

Even with the rock bottom pricing sale that's now been initiated, it seems unlikely that anything big will happen in the next couple of weeks. Many are speculating that a buyout from another retail firm is the only possible saving grace for the company. The big one being talked about as a possibility is US firm Gamestop which has managed to stay relevant by breaking into the digital distribution market with its buying up of the Impulse game download service.

Visiting my local GAME last night, I spoke with a few staff members who were understandably anxious but remaining positive, hopeful that with the long standing history of the firm it will be a viable acquisition for someone or some entity that could fold it into its existing services.

Still, for anyone looking for cheap games, heading to your own local outlet might not be a bad thing. There are some quite contemporary titles - brand new - going for under £10, and many a great pre-owned game on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles available for under £5.

Source: MCVUK

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