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Markus 'Notch' Persson says piracy is a minor thing

While it's unknown whether the Minecraft creator was making a pun relating to his hit blocky, building title, Markus 'Notch' Persson has said piracy is just a "minor thing."

Speaking at the Games Developer Conference 2012, with Spyparty creator Chris Hecker, Notch touched on several topics - focussing the latter parts of the interview on internet piracy. He did say that he sees it as wrong, but pointed out that it's on the same level of wrong as calling his friend an idiot. "It's such a minor thing. It's ridiculously small," he said.

He also tackled the idea that piracy equals lost sales, saying that "If someone copies your game a trillion times, you won't have a single lost sale," and that in-fact it was down to how developers of media dealt with the pirates, as to whether sales could actually be gained. "If you have a model like Minecraft's, you have lots of opportunities to convert pirates to paying customers," he said.

While Mr Persson was a little more vague when discussing other aspects of piracy, he did say that some people were "using that to ruin the internet." Having stated his distaste for some of the recent anti-counterfeiting legislation that has seen much attention in online media and around the world, it seems quite likely to be that, in which he was referring to.

Sources: PCGamer, Gamasutra

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