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Microsoft To Close Windows Mobile Market

Microsoft has issued a declaration of discontinuation for its Mobile 6.x Marketplace, meaning from the 9th May, users will no longer be able to make use of it.

That includes browsing, downloading or buying any applications direct from the Windows Mobile 6.x marketplace service. This news was announced yesterday in a communique with all owners, of the aging Windows Mobile devices.

It began: "Dear Windows Mobile 6.x customer: Microsoft is discontinuing the Windows Marketplace for Mobile service for Windows Mobile 6.x. Please review the details below to familiarise yourself with the changes."

From there the release basically explains how the store will no longer be operable as of 9th March, though it did add the caveat that any applications downloaded before that date would still be operational. Microsoft was also keen to let people know that there would be no changes made to the service of their Windows Mobile handset, though any additional downloads or updates to the apps people have on the phone will no longer be available in the future.

In May 2011, Microsoft began ringing the death knell of the service by not accepting any new app submissions, letting it toll one final time yesterday before starting the shutdown procedure.

Source: Engadget

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