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Netflix And Apple TV - Something To 'Watch' Out For

The world of entertainment just got a lot more entertaining, thanks to Netflix and Apple joining forces to give Apple TV users a revolutionary new billing service.

The idea of two businesses coming together to work in harmony is always music to our ears - and in this case, a sight to behold; and with the recent alliance of Netflix and Apple TV, their partnership could signal the start of a popular new subscription method.

Not only did Apple's software update feature improved iCloud and iTunes support, but users were treated to the option of subscribing to Netflix and straight from their shiny Apple TV set-top boxes. Don't fancy going through the whole droll process of inputting your details all for the effort of setting up a new account? Well if you're an iTunes user, you don't have to - what with being Apple and all, iTunes users win by default.

As one of the most prominent on-demand Internet streaming providers in the world, it makes sense to be teaming up with one of the most successful consumer electronics organisations in the universe - by reaching out to another type of audience, hopefully Netflix can introduce a varied range of content to suit the needs of their existing customers as well as their prospective users.

Source: Mobiledia