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New iPad to Help Apple Regain Top Position in Tablet Market

Despite its supremacy on the tablet market, both domestically and worldwide, Apple saw in the last months how Android rivals were blooming and getting closer to the leader.

One of the most popular Android tablets, Amazon's Kindle Fire, reached from zero market share in the third quarter of last year to 14 per cent in the holiday quarter.

Now, with a hot new iPad available for the customers and with a price cut for the second generation iPad, Apple has a good chance to get back to at rivals.

In addition to which, the months of rumours about the upcoming iPad 3 and enthusiastic predictions about Apple's plans, have generated a pent up demand and Apple is going to harvest the results in the coming months.

Rhoda Alexander, senior manager, tablet and monitor research for HIS explained in a comprehensive report the shift on the tablet market.

"With the release of the third-generation iPad, Apple is leapfrogging the competition, resetting the bar for media tablet performance. We expect demand for the new iPad-with its high-resolution, 2,048 by 1,536 display-to outstrip supply for much of the year. Meanwhile, more price-sensitive customers will flock to buy the freshly discounted iPad 2," said Rhoda Alexander.

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