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No 4G New iPad for UK users

If you are a UK based Apple fan and have big hopes from the new iPad model, with its high-speed data capabilities - then you are not very lucky.

According to recent reports the 4G models of the third generation iPad will be limited to 3G in the UK.

An O2 representative confirmed the situation for the Pocket-lint website. "The iPad 4G works on the US LTE bands, these are different from the European LTE bands," said O2 spokesperson, when asked - if a die-hard Apple fan from Britain can buy a 4G AT&T or Verizon iPad from US and then have it delivered home.

In conclusion, this is not a solution. The situation is not limited to the U, either. As they are six frequency variations of 4G bands that work around the globe, many top companies that roll out internationally high-end devices have the same compatibility problem.

In order to allow UK customers to enjoy the full power of its new tablet, Apple has to release a specific model for the European market, but not until more carriers perfect their networks. "The new iPad is designed to work across the LTE standard of 700 - 2100MHz in the States, the UK's trials are 800 - 2600MHz," as Pocket-lint's Rik Henderson explains.

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