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Sony has shipped over 10.5 million move controllers

Sony has announced at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) that it has shipped over 10.5 million of its move motion controller, to retailers.

This of course doesn't give any concrete numbers in terms of actual units sold, but it does give an idea of the sort of demand for this type of device. Take into account that around the world there will be a fair amount of stock, it's safe to assume that more than just a couple of million move motion devices have been bought by PS3 owners.

The 10.5 million figure was revealed by one of Sony's developer support engineers, Gabe Ahn, after a GDC panel. He also confirmed that this does include shipments of both the halves of the move motion system: the move and navigation controllers.

Apparently, the shipment numbers and estimated sales allowed Ahn to make a prediction that one in every six PlayStation 3 consoles has some sort of move device connected to it. Of course, this doesn't take into consideration anyone that broke theirs or got bored of it a few days in, but we're sure Ahn is thinking positive when giving such reports.

However, as Games Industry points out, with around 62 million PS3s reported as sold, Ahn's figures would have us believe that over 10 million move devices are out in the wild. Call us sceptical but we think retailers have more than half a million in back-stock, across the globe.

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