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£239.95 ONKYO TXNR509 Black AV Receiver

The Onkyo 500-series AV receiver is loaded for some great features like Ethernet connectivity options, music streaming through DLNA, iPhone/iPod compatible USB port, enhanced jitter reduction technology and sleek new styling normally found in £500+ AV receivers at a comparatively low price

The TXNR509 includes 3D compatibility as well as high-definition audio processing capabilities. Thanks to the 3D compatibility, you can run your 3D Blu-ray player, PS3, 3D camera and Sky 3D box via the receiver and in to your 3D compatible TV. The AV receiver's powerful processing handles high-definition lossless audio codecs from Dolby and DTS and provides an enhanced high resolution surround sound processing.

The AV receiver is loaded with four 3D compatible HDMI sockets, twin optical and twin coaxial digital inputs and the full complement of component, composite and RCA phono sockets. Add to that the front-mounted USB socket that has capability of connecting to iPod or iPhone. The USB socket will also accept music signals from other MP3 players or multi-media devices. Beyond these, the TXNR509 also comes with a universal port at the back for Onkyo iPod dock connection or DAB+ tuner upgrade module.

The Audyssey 2EQ system helps automatically calibrate the speakers and also corrects room acoustic issues.

The sound quality is excellent at 100w available to each speaker - thanks to the amplifier that is helped still further by the high power transformer, PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Jitter-Cleaning Circuit Technology for S/PDIF Audio, Pure Audio and Double Bass Function.

The ONKYO TXNR509 Black AV Receiver is available from Richer Sounds for £239.95.