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AM News: KONY 2012, BBC May be Planning iTunes Rival, Windows Phone Tango 256MB Limitations, GAME Begins Last Sale?

As many social networkers will be well aware, the past few days has seen a lot of coverage over Invisible Children and its KONY 2012 documentary. Some positive, some negative, the jury's out on whether the intentions are for better - or for worse. Reports soon surfaced that all that glitters was not Kony - with the efforts of Invisible Children tarnished by the onslaught of the Internet brigade condeming the charity's budget: with just 32 per cent spent by Invisible Children put towards fundraising.

Long standing video game retail outlet GAME is in its death throes with staff being told to expect administrators to be called in within a fortnight if revenue can't be drastically improved. Even with the rock bottom pricing sale that's now been initiated, it seems unlikely that anything big will happen in the next couple of weeks.

The BBC could be putting together a digital download service designed to offer new and old content for a set price in a move that could rival iTunes if done effectively. According to the report by PaidContent, the new service will make use of a new standard known as "Download to Own" which will allow people to keep copies of the shows forever once paid for.

Looks like Anonymous has been up to its old tricks again, and launched a new attack - this time on Symantec. It seems no one is safe from the world's most infamous hacking collective - not even the anti-virus organisation that is Symantec, as it appears that Anonymous has released the source code from Norton Antivirus 2006.

Microsoft has released details of the limitations that will be felt by those buying 256MB versions of its Windows Phone 7 Tango handsets - some of which might turn off potential buyers. Nokia and ZTE will be the first companies to release phones sporting the OS with just 256MB of RAM - it doesn't seem that long ago I was playing Unreal Tournament 2004 with that much.