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Apple's Siri Isn't The Best At Understanding Japanese

Apple's voice assistant application Siri has been making waves in the fanboy circles for quite some time, but its new Japanese supportive version isn't quite up to scratch.

A YouTube user has been testing the feature, compared to a similar service by Japanese mobile service provider DoCoMo, known as Syabette Concier. When tested against one another, Siri falls far behind.

While Siri was able to compete when it came to asking if it was cold outside, it fell flat when the user stated he had a stomach ache. The Syabette software gave him information on a nearby hospital, whereas Siri just sat there, looking confused. The Apple owned software did a little better when asked about tomorrow's schedule, but didn't provide anything date specific; again, Syabette managed to show the correct information.

The rest of the tests just got worse and worse, with Siri failing to comprehend questions of a geographical nature. It is still in beta with no support for this type of questioning, so it's understandable that it also falls down, when answering queries relating to Japanese musical icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

The one saving grace for Siri is that it was able to ask when the phone should set an alarm, after being told to "Wake me up tomorrow." The Syabette alternative merely set an alarm for 10am, without questioning the user. Apparently, 10 in the morning is the perfect time for anyone to wake up.

We can't help but agree.

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