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Asus Made Google Nexus Tablet Launching In May

Taiwanese peripheral and computer manufacturer Asus is set to make the Google Nexus tablet, according to recent reports - with a launch date as early as two months away.

Digitimes has published an article stating that Asustek has been selected to produce a tablet, which is set to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire on price point, in the $199-249/£129-160 cost arena.

The news piece mentioned that according to the site's industry sources: "Google and Asustek will unveil a 7-inch co-branded tablet PC as early as May".

The Internet search engine giant apparently began seeking partners to build their Nexus tablet late last year, where amongst the hardware makers selected - was HTC.

The former maker's of the original Google Nexus mobile phones had a "strong design capability but insisted on directing development of the co-brand model and was unwilling to develop a low-price model to impair its brand image", noted sources.

Acer was also in consideration, although that company did not have the research and development capabilities, where Google finally settled on Asustek, due it capacity as an original device manufacturer (ODM).

Sources close to Digitimes mentioned that the reason behind Asus teaming up with Google is to win the company's confidence to "facilitate development of its Android-based devices".