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EA CEO : Senior staff left for Zynga because of "personal balance sheet stuff"

CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitello, has said that it was for financial reasons that several high-up employees left his firm last year, for the Facebook game maker Zynga.

This revelation came about at the Wedbush Technology Media and Telecommunications Conference, where Riccitello was keen to make it known he felt EA hadn't been weakened by the leavings: "They got some good guys, and I think we're fine," he said.

He explained that almost all of those that left, said to him at some point, while they loved working at EA, they loved the message and the job. This was along with, Zynga was willing to offer salaries that were unobtainable elsewhere and that they "may never get anywhere for the rest of my life."

The main players that jumped ship in the past year or so include EA's then chief operating officer John Schappert, head of EA Interactive Mobile Barry Cottle and now ex-CFO Eric Brown - though he left for a firm other than Zynga.

EA Games has been making headlines recently for its turbulent relationship with high street retailer GAME, culminating in the publishing giant refusing to provide stock for the troubled firm. This resulted in Mass Effect 3 not being available on launch day - though with over 3.5 million copies sold in just a few days, it didn't seem to have had much of an impact.

Source: Gamasutra

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