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GAME Hires Rothschild Financial Advisors In Search For Buyer

With the company's future so uncertain and serious ongoing talks of a looming administration, GAME has taken on independent financial advisory firm Rothschild in an effort to find a buyer.

There is a serious deadline looming too. Two weeks. That's all the long standing game retailer has before it is forced to pay rent on many of its retail outlets, money the firm simply doesn't have. Thanks to hints from CEO Ian Shepherd that the firm has two weeks to turn itself around, it seems likely that should a buyer not be found within a fortnight, GAME will cease to exist - putting thousands of jobs at risk.

There have been whispers that US firm GameStop could be interested in buying some aspects of the business, a company that has itself faced some difficulty in remaining relevant in an increasingly download focused sales system - though it is doing far better than most thanks to its acquisition of the digital distribution platform Impulse.

Regardless of GameStop's involvement however, the vulchers are already gathering, with MCVUK reporting that Deloitte is waiting in the wings to handle the insolvency should it go ahead.

As well as the downloading of games becoming more commonplace, GAME has also felt the pinch thanks to certain developers attacking the used game market with online only pass systems. It also hasn't helped that EA and Nintendo recently announced they wouldn't be providing stock to the troubled retailer. This meant GAME missed out on a piece of the 3.5 million sales of Mass Effect 3 that occurred over the weekend.

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