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Impending Nvidia GTX 680 release hinted at, by 580 price cuts

Nvidia could be ready to launch the high-end GTX 680 graphics card, if the price dips of the current generation GTX 580 are anything to go by.

While the green graphics card maker hasn't hinted at the impending release in any way, some retailers have begun reducing the price of its predecessor. Of course, this allows them to skirt the likely hefty NDA that Nvidia would have placed upon them, while still clearing back-stock of a card that would soon be out of date.

According to sources at Hexus, you can now find the GTX 580 for under £300 at certain retailers, with its smaller brothers also seeing slight price dips. The GTX 570 is now under £240, depending on where you look and the GTX 560 Ti, a fan favourite, is now available under the £200 mark.

Anyone looking to upgrade should really hold fire, until the first Kepler cards begin shipping -most likely towards the end of the month, or soon after, at least. That first run of the next-generation GPUs always brings about further price drops, where early adopters can dump their current beau card on to auction sites such as eBay, often with a massively reduced price tag.

While those enthusiasts do tend to push their poor little GPUs quite hard, they are often well cared for, so a nice second hand GTX 580 might be just what you need - if you fancy a bit extra graphical horse power, in your gaming machine.

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