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Instagram Gets 27 Million Registered Users...With Android App Coming Soon

What has 27 million registered users with an Android app on the way? The one and only, Instagram.

Photo-sharing app, Instagram, is pleased to announce that the company has hit the 27 million registered users benchmark - revealing the happy news yesterday at the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas.

Instagram's co-founder, Kevin Systrom, didn't disclose too much information regarding daily active user statistics, but did demonstrate the the Android version of the app, currently in private beta mode.

Systrom talked about the popularity of the photo enthusiast's must-have app: "We have a visual platform and advertisers like visual mediums. They like TV and magazines, but attention is moving online and they want to switch. I do believe that Instagram has put a stake in the ground and we’re growing more quickly than anyone. Is there something in there we could do to make it a multi-billion dollar business? I think we can figure out something along the way."

Despite only being launched just under two years ago, the success of the app has been quick and widespread - however, Systrom doesn't want to be known as a one-hit wonder, and hopes to leave a photo-sharing legacy: "At the end of the day, people are really excited about Instagram and they're not excited about it because it makes your photos look beautiful. They're excited because it networks people across the world and it's the single fastest growing thing in mobile period," Systrom said. "It's Facebook-level of engagement that we're seeing."

Source: TechCrunch

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