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Late News: New iPad Pre-order Stocks Exhausted, Microsoft Universal Language Translator, Asus Google Nexus Tablet

Apparently, the new iPad is enjoying massive popularity these days, as the stocks available for pre-orders have already exhausted. The third generation iPad was introduced to the market less than a week ago, where Apple fans in ten countries were encouraged to pre-order the product - and they did just that.

Hackers are claiming to have found a way to steal data on over 70,000 users, from the porn site Digital Playground, stating that they have passwords, user names and email addresses - and a few credit card details too. This is no Lulzsec or Anonymous hack, instead it is from a new hacking group making themselves known with this attack. Their name? The ominous sounding "Consortium."

Wouldn't it be great to master several languages fluently? Of course it would - that's why Microsoft has plans to release its very own polyglot-bot. You know how it is, you meet someone new and instantly there's a connection - but wait, English isn't their first language. What if there was a way you could communicate without resorting to carrying around a translation dictionary, or enlisting the services of an interpreter? Well now you can, thanks to Microsoft Research and its exciting new translation software.

Taiwanese peripheral and computer manufacturer Asus is set to make the Google Nexus tablet, according to recent reports - with a launch date as early as two months away. Digitimes has published an article stating that Asustek has been selected to produce a tablet, which is set to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire on price point, in the $199-249/£129-160 cost arena.

CNN, which is owned by Time Warner, is said to be on the verge of buying social media blog, Mashable, for a staggering $200 million according to Felix Salmon, who writes for Reuters. Salmon, who is currently at SXSW, quotes an unnamed source who confirmed that the deal will be announced on Tuesday by CNN and will make of his Scottish founder, Pete Cashmore, a very rich man indeed.