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Nokia To Launch Windows 8 Tablet In Q4?

Nokia will apparently team up with Microsoft to launch its first Windows-based tablet in the fourth quarter of the year according to unnamed sources within the upstream component supplier industry in Taiwan according to Digitimes.

The news outlet reports that Nokia will launch a 10-inch tablet that will use a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, possibly an S3 model, and will be produced by Compal Electronics with an initial run of 200,000 units.

As expected the tablet will use Microsoft's Windows on ARM (Windows 8 for ARM) rather than its own Symbian platform and will make life for competing Android tablets even more difficult.

However, Nokia needs to be careful not to emulate the Booklet 3G which it launched back in February 2009. Like the rumoured tablet, that device was based on Windows and was supposed to allow Nokia to crack the netbook market.

Unfortunately, the device was launched when the allure of netbooks was starting to wane and when the first rumours of an iPad tablet were surfacing.

The Booklet 3G goes down with the N-Gage as one of the most embarrassing products launched the Finnish company. For Nokia to produce a winning product, the tablet will have to be different and affordable given that there will be a flood of similar Windows for ARM tablets launched by the end of the year.

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