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Windows Phones To Get Apollo OS?

Windows Phones users may be getting the God complex - in the form of Apollo OS, of course.

It was just a few days earlier that the head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, Terry Myerson, tactically avoided the subject on everyone's lips - will the power of Windows Phone 8 be available in an update format for Windows Phone 7-enabled devices? However, thanks to some good old chinwagging, it looks like Microsoft will be releasing Apollo on some of the more up-to-date Windows Phone handsets.

A Windows Phone fan from German mobile phone site,, claims to have spoken with a Microsoft representative at the CeBIT event in Hanover last week. Despite my inability to master the German language, thanks to a bit of Bing-related translation, the post loosely translates into the following summary:

"I got two pretty interesting answers to my question from the present manager of the stand, and it looks like Apollo will be coming to Windows Phone 8.

While no exact date for the update has been mentioned, the objective however is to schedule a release for the end of 2012. Meanwhile, second generation equipment will definitely (e.g. all Lumia phones, HTC TITAN and radar etc.) receive an update as well as first generation devices. It is important to consider that some new hardware-related features will not work on the older devices. For example, the front camera used in Skype was mentioned, yet understandably will not work on all devices - therefore, this acts as possible evidence that Skype will be integrated into the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

So there you have it, we may or may not have Apollo - which may or may not be available until the end of 2012.

Source: LiveSide

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