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AM News: Windows Phone Apollo OS, 21 Days Wait for New iPad Customers in UK, Nokia Shuts Money Service

Phone-to-phone payments service, Nokia Money, will be drawing to a close as the Finnish manufacturer looks to move away from the mobile financial services sector. Yesterday saw the announcement of Nokia declaring that it would be looking to leave the mobile financial arena, and would therefore be closing down Nokia Money.

Windows Phones users may be getting the God complex - in the form of Apollo OS, of course. It was just a few days earlier that the head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, Terry Myerson, tactically avoided the subject on everyone's lips - will the power of Windows Phone 8 be available in an update format for Windows Phone 7-enabled devices? However, thanks to some good old chinwagging, it looks like Microsoft will be releasing Apollo on some of the more up-to-date Windows Phone handsets.

Customers looking to buy the new iPad (formerly nicknamed the iPad 3) in the UK will have to wait at least 14 days and up to 21 days to receive their brand new tablet. All twelve SKUs, the white and black ones, in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions and across 3G and WiFi will be dispatched within two to three weeks according to Apple's website.

With the company's future so uncertain and serious ongoing talks of a looming administration, GAME has taken on independent financial advisory firm Rothschild in an effort to find a buyer. There is a serious deadline looming too. Two weeks. That's all the long standing game retailer has before it is forced to pay rent on many of its retail outlets, money the firm simply doesn't have.

Arrested multi-millionaire and owner of the MegaUpload file sharing site, Kim Dotcom, has said that despite being targeted by authorities in the United States, many of its government officials have accounts with his website. Charged with racketerring, money laundering, fraud and finding his own personal fortune of many millions confiscated, Mr Dotcom would be forgiven for feeling somewhat upheaved by the whole process.