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Apple Expected To Sell 1 Million New iPads In The First Day

According to the most reliable analysts, Apple is going to break another sales record, this time, with the new iPad.

Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, wrote in a note to investors, that Apple will sell at least 1 million units of its latest iPad on the first day of availability.

Despite not having a catchy or even expected name, the highly anticipated third generation iPad has already seduced the consumers with its impressive features.

First on the list of high end technical specifications is the high-resolution screen, which allowed the Cupertino based company to advertise the device as "resolutionary."

The customers from the 12 national countries, where the new iPad is available for pre orders, have apparently been convinced by the official presentation to make a purchase.

According to numerous reports, some stocks have already been exhausted and users who sign up now for a third generation iPad will get the device in three weeks, not on March 16, as Apple originally announced.

Now, given the pent up demand and the fast international roll out, Gene Munster predicts that Apple could easily go over the one million mark in the first day.

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