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Capcom And Tecmo Koei Pull GAME Titles

Following on from EA Games and Nintendo pulling their titles from troubled retailer GAME's shelves, Capcom and Tecmo Koei have now followed suit.

The biggest fallout from the EA/Nintendo news was that GAME was not able to cash in on the several million copies sold of new Sci-Fi RPG Mass Effect 3. With this latest one, it won't be enjoying any revenue from the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3, or Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - two titles set for release towards the end of this month.

Eurogamer broke the news, with Capcom releasing a statement advising anyone that had pre-ordered any of its upcoming titles through GAME to do so again through a different retailer. This is regardless of whether you did so through a high street shop or through an online store as neither location will be receiving any stock for either the PS3 or Xbox versions of the games.

For anyone wondering, yes this includes Gamestation as well.

Capcom has been attempting to quieten any worries that pre-order purchasers may have had, saying that it wants to, "reassure its consumers that this title [Resident Evil] will be available at a wide variety of retailers across the UK and Ireland."

For GAME this is just one more nail in the coffin. It now has to legally provide refunds for any pre-orders made through its outlets, money it may not even have.

The developer rats are leaving the sinking ship folks. Watch them scurry.

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