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GAME Could Be Bought By Hilco And OpCapita

While there have been hints that US firm GameStop could turn out to be the saving grace of troubled retailer GAME, there are new rumours that suggest retail investors Hilco and OpCapita could pick up significant shares of the company.

Hilco is purported to have little interest in the UK assets of GAME, but would potentially buy up the Spanish and Australian arms of the business, while OpCapita is giving the UK stores a once over. The latter famously bought up long standing retail outlet Comet, in 2011.

Perhaps that would lead to a merging of the Comet and GAME stores, with one or the other providing an additional sales arm to the outlets. The former could perhaps offer a more impressive, dedicated gaming selection, while the latter could instead move away from just game related sales.

It was reported yesterday that financial advisory firm Rothschild had been brought in to help the beleaguered GAME find a buyer, which it needs to do within a fortnight or face administration - a move that would put the several thousands of employees at risk, of losing their positions.

While a significant sale of stock is on-going at all GAME's UK outlets due to big price drops, it seems unlikely that this attempt to gather up capital will be enough to save the firm in its current state. A buyer needs to be found, but it looks like that is more of a possibility with several companies considering buying up a stake - giving a little hope to employees and anyone that feels a nostalgic affection, for the brand.

Source: MCVUK

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