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Germany Gets Spotify

Music streaming service Spotify is finally available in Germany - about time really, since it's been usable in many other countries for several years.

Any readers from the fatherland worried about pricing restructuring need not fear, as everything will be staying the same: there will be the free, advert supported €4.99 (£4)-a-month Unlimited option and the €9.99 (£8) Premium experience which allows for the use of Spotify apps - and of course removes those pesky adverts.

Spotify does face some hurdles in Germany though, namely the high licensing fees negotiated through royalty collection agency Gema. As Wired reports, Grooveshark famously shut down its own operation in Germany citing licensing costs as the main deterrent for the firm.

While of course providing reasonable financial reward to those that produce original content is important if we want to maintain a healthy industry, as Mr Dan Bull and his fellow free music distributors and artists put it, it's not the reason many are in the music game. In the collaborative rap, Mr Stephen Fry perhaps put it best, saying that the entertainment profession was "overpaid and over pampered" and that it was often difficult to listen to complaints from musicians and the like, complaining from their far away mansion in a sunny locale, with their large car on the drive.

If Germany wishes to stay relevant in an increasingly digital music world, allowing Spotify to operate as it plans to is an important step to make.

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