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Intel To Launch Web-based TV Service?

Intel may be looking to launch a web-based TV service which would put it at loggerheads with satellite and cable TV services like Sky or Virgin Media.

According to the Wall Street Journal which cites people familiar with the project, the world's largest silicon chip maker would target the service at consumers and would be delivered via an Intel-designed set top box with an Intel-developed user interface and platform.

Intel has partnered before with Google to launch the Google TV. It proved to be a costly failure for partners like Logitech whose Revue set top box proved to be a financial black hole costing millions of dollars.

This caused Intel to exit albeit temporarily the set top box/TV services market. Google, Amazon and Apple all have online TV services and have faced various obstacles including metered broadband, higher rates paid for content (compared to existing players).

Furthermore, back in 2008, Intel teamed up with Yahoo to explore the convoluted world of web-connected TV with a widget channel, Youtube and social networking website integration straight into the TV set.

Intel is likely to adapt the Medfield platform, replacing the ageing Intel CE4100 which powers the Boxee box and the Logitech review. For its software platform, one can expect Intel to use its own Tizen, which is born out of the merger between Intel's Moblin/Meego and Samsung's own Bada OS.

Like for the Orange Santa Clara and ultrabooks, Intel is likely to provide with a hardware template for partners like Samsung or Asus to manufacture and sell.

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