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Job Post Hints At PlayStation 4 Development

If you were worried about the abundance of Xbox 720 and Wii U announcements and rumours, then thinking that the PlayStation 4 could be running a bit behind - a new job postings suggest that this is far from the case.

The first one is for a Sony Computer Entertainment America position, with the company looking for an intern to work for 12 weeks - paid - as part of its "Next Gen. teams." You'll need some pretty hefty qualifications - and no doubt need to sign an even weightier non-disclosure agreement - to get the temporary position, but for anyone wanting an insight into what Sony has planned for the future, it'd be a dream summer job.

The other position is up on Develop and is thought to be linked with Guerilla Games (due to a very similar careers post on the Guerilla site), the company behind the Killzone series. The job posting also touts that the Art Director will be working "exclusively with an industry leader, on next gen technology with major IPs in the pipeline."

Considering Killzone has always been a PlayStation exclusive line of games, it seems likely that Guerilla knows something we don't about future development of the console series. Next-gen would certainly imply a fourth in the line-up.

While Nintendo is thought to be almost ready to release the Wii U, perhaps doing so towards the close of this year, Microsoft and Sony are expected to let their next-generation systems hit the shelves in 2013, probably towards the end of the year.

E3 2012 is now expected to see big announcements, coming from all three major console manufacturers.

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