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Noon News: Yahoo! Sues Facebook, Twitter Acquires Posterous, Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Launching in Q4?

Yahoo has filed a suit in a San Jose court against social networking behemoth Facebook, alleging that the company has been guilty of infringing on its patents. The lawsuit cites 10 different Yahoo patents, without which according to the company, "websites such as Facebook would not enjoy repeat visitors or substantial advertising revenue."

Microblogging website Twitter has bought another smaller microblogging service called Posterous, a rival to Tumblr; details of the deal have yet to be made public. Posterous is a more complex version of Twitter where users can create short posts very easily without having to stick to the 140-character limit from Twitter and using the web, a mobile application or via e-mail.

Nokia will apparently team up with Microsoft to launch its first Windows-based tablet in the fourth quarter of the year according to unnamed sources within the upstream component supplier industry in Taiwan according to Digitimes. The news outlet reports that Nokia will launch a 10-inch tablet that will use a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, possibly an S3 model, and will be produced by Compal Electronics with an initial run of 200,000 units.

Intel may be looking to launch a web-based TV service which would put it at loggerheads with satellite and cable TV services like Sky or Virgin Media. According to the Wall Street Journal which cites people familiar with the project, the world's largest silicon chip maker would target the service at consumers and would be delivered via an Intel-designed set top box with an Intel-developed user interface and platform.

Benchmarks of the new Intel Medfield platform announced at MWC and to be sold as the Orange Santa Clara have emerged online with Rightware and Vellamo being the two apps used courtesy of Caschys blog. For the first one, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset comes ahead with a score of 98272 while the Medfield handset reaches 89180 and the iPhone 4S manages to score 87801.