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OMGPOP Draw Something App Hits 20 Million Downloads

OMGPOP's new app, Draw Something, has successfully hit the 20 million downloads mark - not bad considering it launched just five weeks prior to this milestone.

You know you've made it when your app has been named as Android's number one free app - but then again, nothing beats the feeling of knowing your app's also the number one free and paid iOS app. Kudos, Draw Something.

Considering Instagram's happy news of their photo-sharing app scoring an incredible 27 million registered users, it seems that mobile users are really feeling the love when it comes to apps.

CEO Dan Porter revealed to Business Insider that the company is making a tidy six figure sum each day, making in just five weeks what the rest of OMGPOP’s games produced in one entire year! Not to mention the fact that out of those 20 million users - 12 million known to currently be active - have created a total of one billion sketches (that's 3,000 drawings per second).

As the world's most loved app (number one in 79 countries - and counting), it will be interesting to see what else OMGPOP has to offer - as well as see how long it takes for the company to achieve world domination.

Source: Ubergizmo