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Panasonic Eyes Compact Camera Competitors

A Panasonic spokesperson has said the firm is keeping a close eye on its competitors in the compact system cameras (CSC) market - not surprising since it has the best view, being number one in the UK for sales.

While Panasonic was the first to market with a CSC, Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm have all added their own interpretations of the product, making it a much more competitive place to be. Panasonic isn't necessarily worried, but it pays to be wary as the spokesperson points out.

"We're reviewing what's going on in the market," he told TechRadar, "We've seen the Olympus OM-D and we're watching the Sony NEX-7." All these cameras have more advanced features, making them an attractive purchase for those interested in more varied photography.

Asking whether Panasonic had any particular answer to the latest releases by its main rivals, the spokesperson replied: "We have to introduce a product that's right for us, and fitting with our technology, so we're watching the market developments very closely, and if a trend is spotted then we will be quick to respond to it."

Panasonic has recently been most noted for its return to the European smart phone market with the debuting of its Eluga handset. While reviewers have praised the screen, they also commented on some awkward physical buttons and expect the final price tag to be a bit high.

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