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Toshiba 55ZL2 55 Inch Glasses Free TV Available In UK

Toshiba has officially launched the 55 inch 55ZL2, glasses free 3D TV set in the UK - though it comes at quite a premium.

£6,999 is the final price tag, putting this set well out of reach of even reasonably affluent consumers and media buffs. This ladies and gentlemen is a TV for the fancy only, and the standard Blu Ray viewer will have to sit back and wait a few years before this sort of technology is available at a more affordable price.

Still, it doesn't hurt to drool does it? Claimed by several to be just about the best glasses free TV available at the moment, the 55ZL2 offers a perfect 3D image to anyone watching from dead on, but also has several other points at which it is able to offer just as good an image - allowing for more than one potential viewing angle.

This is the part of the technology that allows this TV set to provide that glasses free third dimension, without the person being directly in-front of the screen - as we've seen in comparable technology on products like the Nintendo 3DS.

On top of this, the display is able to output at a Super HD 4k resolution - four times that of current 1080p televisions - though good luck finding much media that supports such a number of pixels. Commercial films of that quality aren't likely to be found on Netflix any time soon.

Source: Metro

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