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£22 HP Deskjet 3000 Wireless Inkjet printer

HP presents the Deskjet 3000 Printer that is reliable and both simple to setup and easy to use making it a great choice for home and small office users alike.

The stylish and space saving design makes it ideal for those cramped desktop tables in offices and homes. HP Quickform button is great for printing calendars, games and many more such things without a PC. The onboard 3.8-cm mono LCD display enables anyone to check for ink levels, printing status and much more.

The page per minute (ppm) speeds of the Deskjet 3000 printer stands at an amazing 20 ppm for black drafts and 16 ppm for colour drafts. The printer prints just about on any media type - be it paper (brochure, inkjet, plain), photo paper, envelopes, labels, cards (greeting) or transparencies. The printer can hold up to 60 sheets in its input tray and 25 sheets in its output tray. The Deskjet 3000 printer comes with a black and one tri-colour ink cartridge.

The best feature of this Deskjet 3000 printer is its wireless capabilities making it suitable for small office or home networks where multiple users can share a single printer. Connection takes no time thanks to its convenient one-button wireless set-up. The printer installs right out of the box in just a few minutes, powers up in seconds and saves time with instant shut-down too.

The HP Deskjet 3000 Wireless Inkjet printer is available directly from HP for £22 delivered.