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AM News: Spotify Available in Germany, Samsung Sues Apple Again, Toshiba Glasses Free 55ZL2 3D TV

Music streaming service Spotify is finally available in Germany - about time really, since it's been usable in many other countries for several years. Any readers from the fatherland worried about pricing restructuring need not fear, as everything will be staying the same: there will be the free, advert supported €4.99 (£4)-a-month Unlimited option and the €9.99 (£8) Premium experience which allows for the use of Spotify apps - and of course removes those pesky adverts.

It's no secret that there's no love lost between Samsung and Apple, so it comes as no surprise that the South Korean electronics manufacturer has filed yet another lawsuit against the Cupertino company. News of technology's biggest arch rivals coming to loggerheads has reached the headlines AGAIN as both Apple and Samsung battle it out over the issue of patent infringement.

Toshiba has officially launched the 50 inch 55ZL2, glasses free 3D TV set in the UK - though it comes at quite a premium. £6,999 is the final price tag, putting this set well out of reach of even reasonably affluent consumers and media buffs. This ladies and gentlemen is a TV for the fancy only, and the standard Blu Ray viewer will have to sit back and wait a few years before this sort of technology is available at a more affordable price.

OMGPOP's new app, Draw Something, has successfully hit the 20 million downloads mark - not bad considering it launched just five weeks prior to this milestone. You know you've made it when your app has been named as Android's number one free app - but then again, nothing beats the feeling of knowing your app's also the number one free and paid iOS app.

Following on from EA Games and Nintendo pulling their titles from troubled retailer GAME's shelves, Capcom and Tecmo Koei have now followed suit. The biggest fallout from the EA/Nintendo news was that GAME was not able to cash in on the several million copies sold of new Sci-Fi RPG Mass Effect 3.