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Apple To Buy $11bn Worth Of Samsung Parts

Apple is said to increase its spend with its partner and archrival Samsung from the estimated current value of $9.7 billion to a staggering $11 billion in 2012 alone.

An anonymous Samsung executive revealed to the Korean Times that Apple will buy components varying from NAND flash memory, solid state drives, screens and more.

The source told the Korean news outlet that "Samsung is putting huge resources into becoming the world's first OLED panel supplier to Apple for use in i-branded devices" before adding that "Apple has the intent to use Samsung's OLED technology, however, Apple doubts the output commitment for OLED screens by Samsung."

The total figure is expected to rise in 2013 and 2014 confirming the ambiguous and often contradictory relationship that Samsung and Apple maintain as competitors and partners.

Samsung is a huge Korean Chaebol (or conglomerate) where each division operates almost independently from each other as we learnt over the years.

This explained for example why Samsung Mobile chooses rival parts (from Qualcomm or Nvidia) for some of its flagship handsets rather exclusively using parts from Samsung Semiconductors' Exynos range.

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