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ARM Launches Power Sipping Cortex-M0+

ARM has announced a new low-end, power efficient core called the Cortex-M0+; unlike its more powerful siblings, the M-series is destined to equip microcontrollers and so-called "internet of things" devices.

The UK-based company says that the processor is the world's most energy efficient processor and consumes a mere 9µA/MHz when fabbed using a 90nm LP process, which is around a third of the power consumed by a contemporary 8-bit or 16-bit processor while being more powerful thanks to a 32-bit architecture.

Electronicsweekly states that the M0+ is 30 per cent more power efficient than its predecessor the M0 and with efficiency per cycle hitting 1.77 CoreMark per MHz with a similar core size of around 12,000 gates.

The processor's frugal energy consumption means that it may stay active for months, even years when powered by batteries and it is likely that it will meet with the same success as the Cortex M0 which has been licensed 50 times already.

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